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The United States Chefs Association is a Professional Chef Association intended to rapidly advance your culinary career through membership, education and certifications. The USCA will standardize the cheffing industry by certifying chefs whom will then maintain their professional titles through several accredited certification levels.

Unlike other culinary arts institutions, universities and academies the USCA is not bias to graduates or alumni but rather invites all culinary graduates to join. As an association representing all chefs, unification will prove to be vitally important in setting the authoritative criteria for the chef industry today.

As an organization founded by nationally recognized chefs to support their peers, the USCA is uniquely qualified to comprehend, sustain and elevate your career pathway

With a combined 300 plus years of executive cheffing experience the USCA’s nationwide advisory board stands ready to provide knowledge and expertise in all areas of the culinary arts profession you have chosen.

The USCA offers members several levels of online certification through our state of the art online highly sophisticated testing programs.

Accredited certifications as a USCA certified executive sous chef, USCA executive chef and the coveted title of USCA master chef will all be within your reach. Once certified and in good standings with the USCA you will retain you professional title for 3 years at which time you will be required to retest or upgrade.

Your certification title will represent your membership level with our organization. Membership is easy and affordable, just fill out the profile on this site and submit your photo and payment.

Thank you Chefs and welcome aboard the United States Chef Association,
James “Jimmy” Nadell
Founder: United States Chef Association

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    A Professional Chef Trade Association to Rapidly Advance your Culinary Career through Education, Membership, and on Line Certification as:

    • USCA Certified Executive Sous Chef
    • USCA Executive Chef
    • USCA Certified Executive Pastry Chef
    • USCA Master Chef

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