Career Advantages of Becoming a Certified Chef:

The USCA sets the standards for professional chef qualifications

Just graduating a culinary arts academy does not make one a true chef, nor guarantee top job placement within the industry. USCA Professional Chef Certification distinguishes the good from the great!

Traditionally in the United States today, a chef can only acquire his/her profession trade title (Sous Chef or Executive Chef, etc.) as dictated by a respectable restaurant, hotel or institution. The United States Chef Association will now change the way chefs achieve their professional titles through certifications in four executive levels. Once a chef has met and passed all required examinations he/she will retain their professional chef titles for the duration of three years at which time a mandatory retest will be required.

In extremely competitive chef job markets today a USCA membership or USCA certification will prove paramount to your career by surpassing your competing chefs in excelling to corporate executive positions more rapidly.

Get the honor and respect you deserve by becoming a certified chef through USCA!

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