Certified Executive Sous Chefs

Membership is Required to Become a Certified Sous Chef under USCA


USCA Certified Executive Sous Chefs:

  • Must be Members in Good Standing with the USCA for one (1) year
  • Must Provide Proof of a Culinary Arts Associate Degree from an Accredited Culinary Arts Academy
  • Must be Current with all USCA Associated Fees
  • Must Pay Executive Sous Chef Testing Fee: $200.00
  • Must Undergo Testing: 200 Multiple Choice Questions in One and a Half Hours
  • Must Pass Online Executive Sous Chef Test with 90% Score or Higher
  • If Failed, Unlimited Executive Retesting Fee $75.00
  • Certification is Valid for Three (3) Years, Mandatory Retest to Stay Current with the USCA Certification as Certified Executive Sous Chefs
  • Must Provide a Head Shot Picture for ID Card

A Certified Sous Chef Receives:

  • USCA Certified Executive Sous Chef Picture ID Card
  • UCSA Certified Executive Sous Chef Certificate Valid for Three (3) Calendar Years
  • Professional Title: Your Name CESC, Certified Executive Sous Chef

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