Becoming A Chef

USCA Professional Titles are used to signify a person's professional role and to designate membership/certification level with the United States Chef Association. Once a member has successfully met all requirements and has undergone a vigorous USCA examination, this member has then achieved competence in his/her specified field of knowledge as a professional chef. At this time, the member has earned his/her professional certification title as dictated by the United States Chef Association faculty and will be issued USCA credentials for professional career advancement. This certification will be valid for the duration of three calendar years, at which time the chef/member must undergo retesting in order to retain their professional title requirements. Certified chefs are strongly encouraged to optimize their culinary arts careers, surpassing competing chefs by out-ranking their opponents credentials upon presenting United States Chef Association certifications to potential executive employers.


Level 1 Certification

  • Becoming A Chef


    United States Chef Association
    Certified Executive Sous Chef
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Level 2 Certification

  • United States Chef Association
    Executive Chef
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Level 3 Certification

  • United States Cheff Association
    Master Chef
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